Sunday, January 15, 2017

"Haptenings" at the TESOL 2017 Convention in Seattle!
If you'll be in Seattle in March for the 2017 TESOL Convention, please join us at one of the "haptenings" (haptic pronunciation teaching happenings):
  • Haptic Pronunciation Teaching (workshop) (Kielstra, et al.) - Basics of the method. No prior training in phonetics or pronunciation teaching necessary. 
  • Teacher cognition about haptic pronunciation teaching (colloquium) (Acton, et al.) - Reports on 5 recent studies of haptic pronunciation teaching in the classroom
  • Rhythm and focal stress (poster session) (Teaman, et al.) - Haptic and other techniques for teaching rhythm and focal (sentence and discourse level) stress
A few other convention asides:
  • As usual, we'll also set up some kind of networking session in the "networking" area late in the convention. 
  • We will also video those sessions and make them available on once we get home.  
  • I'll be tweeting (@WmActon) as will other hapticians, I'm sure. 
  • v4.5 of the Haptic Pronunciation Course will be out by then, with revised videos and coursebook additions.
  • I'm also on a panel on research in L2 homework in which at least some of my data comes from haptic homework as well. 
Keep in touch! (So will we!)

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